The Return of Das goldene Zeitalter!

From February 27th on Das goldene Zeitalter will be back at Schauspiel Dortmund.
A year after the premiere of the original version, The Return of Das goldene Zeitalter – 100 Wege dem Schicksal das Sorgerecht zu entziehen will again mash up everything you thought you knew about theatre.

Written by: Alexander Kerlin & Kay Voges
Director: Kay Voges
Dramaturgy: Alexander Kerlin
Music/Composition: T.D. Finck von Finckenstein
Video: Daniel Hengst
Livesound: Jan Voges
Stage Design / Clothes: Pia Maria Mackert
Actors: Björn Gabriel, Caroline Hanke, Carlos Lobo, Eva Verena Müller, Uwe Schmieder, Merle Wasmuth

Take a look at the trailer:

4.48 Psychose Is Back

Kay Voges‘ praised German version of Sarah Kane’s „4.48 Psychosis“ is back for a new season at Schauspiel Dortmund. Get your Tickets!

The play not only features the amazingly talented actors Uwe Rohbeck, Merle Wasmuth and Björn Gabriel, but also state-of-the-art-programming by Lucas Pleß and Stefan Kögl, live video art by Mario Simon and original music by T.D. Finck von Finckenstein, also performed live.

The first sold-out show will take place on December 10th, 2014. It will be streamed live and loud from Schausiel Dortmund to Heinrich-Böll-Stifung, Berlin for a discussion on how livestreaming could change the future of theatre. Director Kay Voges and Daniel Hengst, video artist for many of Voges‘ pieces, will be joining the discussion in Berlin.

Take a look at the trailer: