31. August 2017
Ich habe die Spielzeitpause am Schauspiel genutzt, um die Seite auf Deutsch umzubauen. Hier und da versteckt sich noch die ein oder andere Englische Information, aber es wird schon noch werden…
Juli und August waren Monate ohne viel Theater, darum habe ich angefangen, an einem 1LIVE Hörspielprojekt mitzuarbeiten und spontan noch einen Songwriting-Auftrag für die WDR-Serie Phoenixsee angenommen.
In ein paar Tagen geht die Spielzeit wieder los: Proben für „Der Theatermacher“ in der Regie von Kay Voges und Wiederaufnahmeproben für „Die Borderline Prozession“ warten auf mich.“

6 May 2017
I am at Theatertreffen Berlin with „Die Borderline Prozession“. Actually, I am sitting in a hotel room while rendering some audio for our video artist, Mario Simon. So… no punk rock today, just getting things done.
But tomorrow… PREMIERE in Berlin! See you!

8 February 2017
Happy new year, I guess… Yesterday was awesome: Schauspiel Dortmund got invited to Theatertreffen Berlin with „Die Borderline Prozession“. I was told this is like the Academy Awards for theatre. So I will perform for an audience of experts. We were truly happy about those news yesterday and I still am. But now it’s back to work, we are going to rehearse „Hell – ein Augenblick“ in 2 hours.

19 December 2016
…and it’s the end of 2016 already. Since I wrote here last, I composed for „Die Schwarze Flotte“, directed by Kay Voges and „Furcht und Hoffnung in Deutschland: Ich bin das Volk“, directed by Wiebke Rüter. Maybe that’s why I didn’t stop by to write on this page. I was also working on new songs for my singer/songwriter stuff.
However, „Die Borderline Prozession“, „Die Schwarze Flotte“ and „Triumph der Freiheit #1″ have been voted to be among the Top 10 plays in 2016 in Germany. One could say my compositions are Top 10 material now.
See you in 2017!

13 September 2016
The play formerly known as „La Révolution #1″ will have it’s premiere this friday. Due to some changes in the script, it is now called „Triumph der Freiheit #1″. Whatever. It’s a long, complicated play but again the actors will enlighten the audience with creativity and commitment. Not much sleep for me these days, though. Director Ed Hauswirth changes tiny bits every rehearsal, so I have to re-compose all day. Challenging? Yes. Fun? Absolutely.

31 July 2016
While I was busy with my new record as Tommy Finke, Schauspiel Dortmund was voted best theatre in NRW 2016 and „Die Borderline Prozession“ was amongst the most praised plays in 2016 so far. The next season at Schauspiel Dortmund will feature interesting new projects such as La Révolution #1 directed by Ed. Hauswirth, Die Schwarze Flotte directed by Kay Voges, the return of DIE SHOW and many more. Also, my friend Mario Simon, who is video artist at Schauspiel Dortmund, has a homepage now. Check it out, though it’s written in that strange language which sounds so harsh… German :-)

18 April 2016
What a weekend. We performed „Die Borderline Prozession“ at Schauspiel Dortmund on friday, 15 April. This is by far the most ambitious project I have ever worked on and it’s a pleasure to work with all these creative people at once. Inbetween I have been in the studio working on my new singer/songwriter postpunk record as Tommy Finke. And, finally, there’s a trailer for „Junges Licht“ with my music:

18 February 2016
Two months of 2016 almost gone… I have been composing music for „Geächtet (Disgraced)“ and other plays, we will perform „4.48 Psychose“ at Schauspiel Frankfurt in march, and a new piece by Kay Voges with around 20 actors on stage and live-electronic-music is in the pipeline. Also, I am very happy to have composed, arranged and produced the music for director Adolf Winkelmann’s new film „Junges Licht“ which will hit German cinemas 12th May 2016!

31 December 2015
Have a happy new year’s eve, everyone! I will be performing DIE SHOW twice tonight. 2016 galore!

17 August 2015
Only a few days left until „DIE SHOW“ premieres at Schauspiel Dortmund. I will be performing live on stage with my fellow musicians Daniel Brandl, Stefan Götzer and Sven Petri.


01 August 2015
As of today, I am muscial director of Schauspiel Dortmund. Great people to work with, all of them. So let’s get it started. :-)

Musikalischer Leiter

22 July 2015
Today I rehearsed with Daniel Brandl for our new project. It’s called „Hinzelmann“. We are exploring some relaxed Cello’n’Beats’n’Sounds-Stuff on this one:

06 July 2015
Got a call from my friend Martin Brand some days ago. He is working on a new piece of video art and asked me to compose some sounds to emphasize the mood of the pictures. I am glad he called, it is a beautiful piece of art already and I am excited to help pushing it to the next level.
Also, I am packing my things in Bochum, moving my studio to Dortmund.

14 June 2015
Yesterday, „Kaspar Hauser und die Sprachlosen aus Devil County“ premiered at Schauspiel Dortmund. It was fun being on stage with the speaking choir as well as composing for this outstanding group of people.
Tomorrow, I will be holding a workshop („OK COMPUTER – Vom Text zur Musik“) at Theaterakademie August Everding in Munich and spend the evening with Daniel Hengst, Alexander Kerlin, Kay Voges and Voxi Baerenklau. This will be some informative fun.

Kaspar Hauser und Die Sprachlosen aus Devil County

© Edi Szekely

30 May 2015
This is it. Yesterday we performed „Das goldene Zeitalter“ for the last time ever. This  piece was also my first contact with theatre music in 2013, when I got a call from Kay Voges asking me if I could participate in this elaborated yet entertaining experiment. So, with a tear in my eye, I say goodbye to this masterpiece. BUT there is one thing I won’t miss at all: Patching Max/MSP into Ableton Live into Logic Pro, all via Jack Connect. This was always buggy as hell and I do not recommend it, especially if you like a low stress level :-)

© Birgit Hupfeld

(C) Birgit Hupfeld

23 May 2015
Hello world,
I’ve decided to add a news-feature to my page. The news will be updated infrequently since I want to use my time almost exclusively for the creation of music. At the moment, I am working at Theatre Dortmund, creating music for two new pieces: Kaspar Hauser und die Sprachlosen von Devil County premieres June 13th 2015 and DIE SHOW premieres August 23rd 2015.
Also, I have been appointed by Theatre Dortmund as musical director, starting August 1st.
More to come, stay tuned…